Trading Chart Pattern Book | Candlestick and Breakout Chart Patterns book 2024

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Trading Chart Pattern Book is our #1 Bestseller Product, over 2 Lakh traders and 1000+ Coaching Institutes are using our Trading Chart Pattern Book to understand/Teach Candlestick and chart patterns because we provide most accurate and effective chart pattern for traders.

Best Trading chart patterns like Head and shoulders, Double top, Double bottom, Rounding bottom, Cup and handle, Wedges Pennant or flags, Ascending triangle, Descending triangle and Symmetrical triangle are explained very well with pictorial representation.

Why Trading Chart Pattern Book?

Some Most Asked Question:

Q. Do trading chart patterns really work?

Yes, chart patterns really work. According to decades of research, chart patterns work between 50 and 89 percent, depending on the pattern and the market. For example, a double bottom pattern in a bull market is predictive, with an accuracy of 88 percent and an average price change of +50 percent.

Q. What are trading chart patterns?

Chart patterns are visualizations of market price moves created by supply and demand. These patterns identify potential price breakouts, reversals, and continuation moves. Chart patterns such as a triangle or head & shoulders are naturally formed by market buying and selling.

Q. How do I use trading chart patterns?

Chart patterns are used to identify potential trading opportunities. When a chart pattern is formed, you should watch closely for the pattern to break out. If the asset price breaks out through the resistance, it is a buy; if it breaks down through support, it is a sell.

Q. How important are chart patterns?

Chart patterns are incredibly important for traders in stocks, foreign exchange, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. Many traders use chart patterns but do not understand the probabilities of specific chart pattern success. For example, an ascending triangle has an 83 percent chance of success.

Q. What is the psychology behind chart patterns?

Chart patterns reflect the psychology of market participants and how they perceive a security’s value. Chartists use these patterns to determine when buyers or sellers are in control, which can be used to identify potential reversals or breakouts. Chartists are looking for trends in price and volume that signify the current state of market sentiment.

Q. How do you trading chart patterns?

Trading chart patterns is all about timing and spotting when the market turns. A trader should look for the signs of a pattern forming, such as volume spikes or narrowing price movements. Once a pattern has been identified, traders can execute trades based on their interpretation of the data.

Q. Is pattern trading profitable?

Yes, pattern trading can be profitable when done properly. Pattern traders must recognize the pattern, wait for the breakout, understand the probability of success, and set a realistic target. These steps balance the risk (success probability) and reward (price target). These steps establish a solid framework for the trade.

Q. Who invented chart patterns?

Traders have used chart patterns for centuries. However, modern chart patterns were made popular by early technical analysts such as Charles Dow, born 1851, and Richard Wyckoff, born 1873. As trading technology progressed, so did the development of automated chart pattern recognition software to help traders identify trends.

Hello traders let’s make reading chart pattern’s easy, we have launched book of trading chart breakout pattern, small pocket size easy to carry book. In this book or you can say pocket diary we have explained almost all breakout patterns with simple & short explanation with images. Now let’s travel anywhere with your pocket study Trading Chart Pattern Book and trade from anywhere anytime.

Trading is serious business and it should not be taken casual. Market always charge fees in terms of loss for the trader mistake. Market is very practical and practical approach is only way to have understanding very much clear. Based on PROPER study and knowledge, Trade is like a well planned journey and it will be enjoyable.

To be successful trader, one should know, explain and justify the reason of buying and selling and these should be logical. For market, its difficult way of making easy money and proper skills and knowledge is required, which must be related to day to day practices

The observations that Dow made, and the methodologies found in technical analysis are fractal in nature. This means that the techniques used can be applied to any aggregation period whether it’s intraday, daily, weekly, or monthly.

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Trading Chart Pattern Book | Candlestick and Breakout Chart Patterns book 2024